"Go, sell what you have and give to the poor, then come and follow me!" Mt. 19:21

"Go, sell what you have and give to the poor, then come and follow me!" Mt. 19:21

VOCATION WEEKEND at the Dominican House of Studies


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SCHEDULE FOR THE NEXT WEEKEND  (all our vocation weekends follow this general timetable, this is important to know when you make travel plans)

N.B. - Since 2010 each of the four annual vocation weekends have been to capacity - it would be best to plan ahead. There are over 80 friars living at the Dominican House of Studies. Space is limited to the friars' guest quarters. There are no vocation weekends during the summer months. To reserve your space contact Fr. Benedict Croell OP, the Director of Vocations for the Province of St. Joseph.  
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A Vocation Weekend is a no-strings-attached chance to spend time learning about the life of Dominican Friars in the Province of St. Joseph. It is the best way to learn the most about the Dominicans in a very short period of time.  Come pray with us, talk with our student brothers, meet our older brethren, and most of all listen for the voice of Jesus who continually calls men to become preachers for the salvation of souls.  It is possible also to visit us informally, even for an overnight visit during the week.  All prayers are open to the public at the Dominican House of Studies - you are welcome.

If you notify Fr. Benedict OP he can also arrange for you to visit informally.

*When making travel plans to visit us (after confirming w/ the director of vocations), plan for at least 45 minutes of travel time via the Metro to Reagan National (DCA), or at least 90 minutes of travel time to Baltimore-Washington International (BWI). Reagan National is most convenient & sometimes less expensive.  Since the DC and the N. Virginia area have inexpensive and efficient public transportation, it is especially convenient to arrive to the Dominican House of Studies using public transportation (arrive to Brookland/Catholic University Metro stop on the Red Line, exit left up the escalator, look off to the left for the bell tower of the National Shrine, we are across the street on Michigan Avenue)
Click HERE for getting to and from BWI airport into the DC Metro system.
Friars in our two Dominican studentates in
Washington, D.C. for the 2015-16 academic year

2014 Official Studentate photo (Dominican House of Studies)
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2013 Student Friars & Novices (poster of 70 friars in formation)
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2012 Student Friars in the cloister garden of the Dominican House of Studies
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